Mobilities in the Global North and South: Critical Urban and Global Visions

There has been rapid growth in attention to mobilities in the social sciences since the turn of the millennium, and with good reason. Mobile perspectives underline how the experience of globalization is in myriad ways defined through ever-increasing mobility: ranging from the concrete transportation systems and infrastructures enabling the flows of people negotiating everyday urban and global mobilities, to the movement of capital and socio-economic classes into or out of urban habitats; from the manufactured goods and hazardous wastes carried across extensive and intricate logistics networks, to the transfer and diffusion of urban governance policies, practices, and ideas; and from the dynamics of those migrating by choice, to those fleeing (or being left behind) in the face of war, crisis, or conflict. Far from simply being a “marker of an era” or a “neutral means to an end”, mobilities are deeply meaningful and embodied, gendered and racialized, and bound up in social, cultural, and political struggle from the local to the global. Particular challenges emerge from studying mobilities in various disciplines, affecting our epistemologies, methodologies, and theoretical concepts of the global and the urban.

With an eye on the extraordinary breadth of the theme, the conference organizers welcome contributions that critically explore mobilities in all their diversity.

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