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Themes and Special Focus

The Inaugural Conference on Innovations in Law Enforcement Learning and Training Design and Delivery allows experts in the field to collaborate and form alliances as they share, analyze, and assess the training and learning environments and methods used in modern law enforcement. Each year the conference focuses on one main element of law enforcement training and learning to afford deep discussions about how best to train, teach, and lead the pedagogy of law enforcement training and learning. Collaborating with other law enforcement educators allows best practices to be shared and innovative approaches to be discussed. We welcome you to join the network of law enforcement educators who are guiding the field.

  • 2022 Special Focus—Innovations in Law Enforcement Learning and Training in Rapidly-changing Landscapes
  • Theme 1: New Technologies in Training Environments
  • Theme 2: Engaging with Students Through Virtual Spaces
  • Theme 3: Designing Training Environments that Leverages Expertise and Innovation

Benefits of Becoming a Presenter

We are offering a blended conference format with session types explicitly designed to make the most of both online and in-person social knowledge processes.

1 Present to a Global Audience

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our network members. Add your voice, in-person blended or online-only, by submitting a proposal today.

You do not need to commit either to an in-person blended or online-only presentation at the time of submission. You can present both ways, or change your mode of the presentation if your preferences change.

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2 Robust Online Experience

For over 30 years, Common Ground has been invested in developing technologies that seek to break down barriers of access in scholarly communication. In each phase, we’ve built media platforms to support spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue, before such approaches were in vogue; connected international voices, when disciplines were too often isolated in national silos; and supported an agenda of access and equality, by offering pathways and opportunities for diverse voices.

And now we propose another kind of intervention -- a scholarly communication infrastructure for a blended future.

With this step-by-step guide, we walk you through the new phases pre/during/post-conference to ensure you have a productive blended conference.

3 Publishing Opportunities

We are working to change the way in which knowledge is produced, validated, and shared within member-based Research Networks.

The Open Journal of Innovations in Law Enforcement Learning and Training Design and Delivery offers a pathway to transform your presentation into a formal research object. We support an affordable Gold Open Access model to offer a broader reach for your research.

Find out more about The Open Journal of Innovations in Law Enforcement Learning and Training Design and Delivery.

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Important Dates

We welcome the submission of proposals at any time of the year. All proposals will be reviewed within two to four weeks of submission.

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Early Proposal Deadline 23 August 2021
Regular Proposal Deadline 23 November 2021
Late Proposal Deadline 23 January 2022

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Early Registration Deadline 23 September 2021
Regular Registration Deadline 23 December 2021
Late Registration Deadline 23 February 2022

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