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Heidelberg University

2018 Conference Partner

Heidelberg University, founded in 1386, is Germany’s oldest university and one of thestrongest research institutions in Europe. Its successes in the Excellence Initiative and internationally recognised rankings substantiate the leading role of Heidelberg University in the scientific landscape. In terms of educating students and promoting young academics, Heidelberg relies on research-based teaching and a well-structured doctoral training. Heidelberg University is a comprehensive university with the full spectrum of subjects including medicine. It aims to strengthen the individual disciplines, to further interdisciplinary cooperation and to make research results usable for society and industry. Heidelberg cooperates with local research institutions and is tied into a worldwide network of research and teaching collaborations.

Institute of Geography at Heidelberg University

2018 Conference Partner

Geography at Heidelberg University is one of the leading Institutes of Geography in Germany. It is strong in research, critical thinking as well as training and education. Every year, more than 100 students graduate from our institute, among them Bachelor and Master students but also future teachers and PhD students. The beginning of the institute goes back to 1895, when the first lectures in physical and mathematical geography were held on a regular basis within the Faculty of Science. Since then, the department has grown steadily, offering specialisiations in the field of urban geography, human geography of North America, economic geography, GISicences and physical geography. Interdisciplinarity is also one of the important themes – the close ties to the Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA), the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) and the Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies just being a small but significant selection of them.

Marsilius Kolleg of Heidelberg University

2018 Conference Partner

The Marsilius Kolleg of Heidelberg University bridges the gap between sciences and humanities through meetings and joint projects, which in turn promotes understanding and cooperation between the sciences and the humanities. Founded in 2007, the Marsilius Kolleg is a central component of Heidelberg’s successful proposal granted by the Excellence Initiative, launched by the federal and state governments of Germany.

The Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies

2018 Conference Partner

The Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies is a central research institute of Heidelberg University. It assembles researchers to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue on and enhance their understanding of transculturality. Scholars and students examine cultural exchange processes to contribute to a deeper understanding of cultures in the global interactions of our times.

Geography and Geology, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Hull

2017 Conference Partner

Geography is a fascinating discipline, and at Hull we are a leading centre for teaching and research into issues of global importance. Our focus is on equipping our graduates with the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure they succeed in their career pathway.

At Hull we’re praised for our teaching; we were ranked among the top 10 geography schools nationally in the 2011 National Student Survey. You will learn in our world-class laboratories and lecture theatres, and receive expert teaching of the most advanced ideas.

We are a friendly school, offering a wide range of study including climatology, environmental sciences, geology, archaeology, and meteorology, to name just a few.

Fieldwork is a big and exciting part of our study, both at home and overseas. All core field work is provided free of charge, with opportunities to visit to Germany, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Tenerife and the United States.

We are a leading research school and, as a result, our teaching reflects the latest thinking in the discipline. We specialise in global issues such as climate change, globalisation, renewable energy, and low carbon futures.

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